Hi, My Name’s Rebecca and I enjoy

doing a lot of activities. Here on my blog

are some of my favorite activities such

as watching TV, traveling, going biking,

playing video games, and running on the

beach with my friends.

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Me running on the beach
Me biing near my home

Why I Love Biking

Bike riding can offer a number of health benefits. Below are some of these:

Better cardio fitness

Better strength

Better flexibility and balance

More calories lost

It can be done by individuals of all ages, starting from childhood up to adult years when painful

joints don’t allow for workouts that require additional stress such as jogging.

For My State-of-Mind:

Riding a bike is one of the best stress releasers. No matter if you're riding for a particular reason

or just for pleasure, you are likely to reach the final spot feeling relaxed, energized, and happier

about yourself as well as the world.

Plus, being outside on your bike is flat-out fun …

For My Community:

Being out on your own bicycle is good for those around you too. You can easily go to the area you

intend to go to and have one vehicle less on the way.

You do not bring with you the noise which vehicles create and are truly in a position to

communicate with individuals on-the-go. For instance, you could wave to a neighbor, say hello to a

child, smell somebody's dinner and  try being a warm & friendly human onto the streets.

Also, when you use a bike, it doesn't hurt your nearby environment. There isn't any polluting

exhaust discharged, or any fuel used up.

And the electricity and  materials used for manufacturing one car could be used in order to

develop one hundred bikes.

Other Benefits:

Front row parking spaces are guaranteed no matter where you go with bike riding. Traffic jams are

irrelevant as well.

For many short trips or through heavy-traffic, you'll realize that you can go almost as fast or at

times ever faster with a bicycle even though auto-mobiles can surely make better time for long


Going in on a bicycle can be a great option. Zip in, zip out. You do not need to reach the place

hours early just for getting a parking place or park miles away from actual event. And once it’s over

you do not need to wait hours in traffic to get out

It costs between 40 and 50 cents per mile to use a car, depending on the automobile.

This is based on expenses such as gas, oil, care, etc., that go up when you start driving more and

more. This amount doesn’t include the hidden expenses of the car ownership like taxes,

depreciation and insurance.

These elements make the actual cost for each mile to operate a car way higher.

When you begin multiplying cost per mile to drive a car by the distance you ride, you can easily

calculate just how much money you are able to save by driving a bicycle.

For instance: my day to day round-trip commute to my school is around 16-Miles. In case I do it

only a couple of times each week, I’ll save more than 400 bucks in operating charges alone

throughout the entire year. (16-Miles x 2 outings each week x.25Cents/mile 52 weeks.)

Me playing video games