Hi, My Name’s Rebecca and I enjoy

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are some of my favorite activities such

as watching TV, traveling, going biking,

playing video games, and running on the

beach with my friends.

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Here’s Why I Like Playing Video Games

Video games can be fun to play and offer numerous benefits for  your mind. They can offer an

outlet for anger & stress in a medium which is socially acceptable & also does not lead to anybody

actually getting hurt.

Instead of taking out your frustration & anger on an external object, for instance an individual,

video games offer a private and safe means in order to channel those state of minds into harmless


Below are some of the top reasons to I like playing video games:

1.Your Mind Relaxes

Playing video games will help relax your mind, if you have lots of things in your head. It will help

you forget about the troubles that you’re having for a while.

2. Better Co-ordination

A number of studies have shown that playing video games can help you improve your coordination

levels in a very short period of time.

3. They Enhance Your Thinking Skills

Games help you improve your thinking skills because when you play a video game, you have to

think quick. When you get used to that, you are likely to think faster in a real life.

4. Great for Spending Some Quality Time with Family Members

Games can be a perfect way if you wish to spend some quality time together with your family


5. They’re Challenging

Video games will definitely give a good challenge. You can find numerous challenges. For

instance, in World of Warcraft, you need to level up, do quests, get gold, etc.

6. Your Friends Play Them

I believe a great reason to play games would be because your buddies do.

7. It Is Possible to Be Anything You Wish to Be

Yeah, when you play a video game, you could be what you can’t be in a real life. You could set

your inner being lose & not need to be concerned about others. For instance, if you always wished

to cast magic, then you can even turn persons into sheep, turtles or penguins.

This is quite exciting & fun not only for kids but also for adults.

How to Pick a Suitable Video Games for You

Go through the user ratings & feedback of the game you are considering to purchase.

Search for games which comprise strategy making activities which can help stimulate your brain


If you are choosing a game for your child, make sure it is suitable to his/her age.

Encourage group-play by selecting games that require 2 or more players.

Final Words

Video games can be a perfect tool for entertainment for kids as well as adults. They play an

important role in enhancing human interaction. Because of the modern technological advances,

you are able to enjoy video games from virtually anywhere. 

With the help of the current technology, you can also accomplish physical fitness by using options

such as Xbox-360 Kinect or Wii Fit. You could even keep track of your physical movements

through gaming consoles which translates in game-play-movements.

Hence, the next time you’re in a debate on whether or not to enjoy video games, go through the

above mentioned benefits which they offer.

Me playing video games